Monday, 1 February 2010

I Don't Like Monday's

Woke up this morning, and it was - degrees in Birmingham!

Not a great start, but mix that with having to wake up at 6:50am - equally not as brilliant!!

When I finally left the house to go to Uni, I found this...


Some idiot had bent my windscreen wiper over night and snapped it..


I'll have the £51 and waste of a day waiting around in Perry Barr back please whoever did this!!

On the upside, I wore my new sneakers and that made me smile..

On the other upside, here's a lil pic of the AM90s that are coming in the post...


Can't wait for Friday's post to arrive!

Let's just hope that tomorrow is a better day!!

Been thinking and I just can't understand why the range of sneakers in the UK in my size (3) is so limited..People with small feet like to wear nice shoes too!!

Anyway... bit of a boring blog but I was listening to one of my fave mixes of the past month, earlier so here's the link. If you haven't heard it, hope you liiikeeeee...

Last thought of the day...

Designed these - to buy or not to buy?


Night everyone!

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